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Friday, February 03, 2006

the new m|ph

Check out the January-February issue (Isabel Roces cover) of m|ph, which, ahem, has an article about me. Something to do with my being the co-editor of and president of the Asian Gaming Journalists Association, and how I use mobile devices as part of my digital lifestyle.

I'll let Jayvee Fernandez talk about this issue, which is the first to come out under Hinge Inquirer Publications, via his m|ph blog post:

m|ph, the most visible home-grown magazine on mobile technology starts the year with a fresh new look, giving readers a taste of what’s new in the mobile tech scene for 2006.

To celebrate a fresh start, m|ph goes vegan with the stunning Isabel Roces who graces the front cover. Isabel talks about her PETA advocacy, the gadgets she owns, and gives some words of advice on how to guard from gadget lust. This issue also contains reviews of the latest phones, namely the Nokia 6111 for the ladies, the shaver-shaped Nokia 6270 and the Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman phone. If you happen to own an iPod, the magazine also features a showdown of the best iPod-docking speakers available in town. Since gadgets are only as good as the people who use them, this issue features two mavens in their respective industries, the iconic Joey Alarilla of and Denise Albert, who sets the marketing and events industry on fire with her passionate words.

m|ph, which stands for Mobile Philippines, is a monthly publication geared towards the Filipino who is always on the go. Faithful readers have always described the magazine as the most informative and engaging among all the technology magazines because it is smart, engaging and witty. m|ph is available at all news stands and technology hubs for just P80.00 per issue.

It’s fun to be a geek!

I don't know about being iconic hehe but thanks Jayvee, Eva and all the HIP people for this opportunity.

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inq7's 5th anniversary

INQ7 is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Feb. 27 and I'm the one overseeing the anniversary site.

We're making this a very interactive site that will showcase the multimedia services that we currently offer or will soon offer. As part of this thrust, we'll feature photos and video clips from readers sharing their INQ7 anniversary greetings.

We'd like you to also be part of this fun activity, so if you're interested you could submit pics of creative ways you can greet us a happy 5th anniversary :) This could be something involving the number 5 -- you could refer to a similar thing we did for our Human Christmas Countdown for inspiration.

Just e-mail the pics to Please include a brief caption identifying the people, your company and location. These could be pics you've scanned, or taken with your digicam or camphone -- the whole idea is to show how these gadgets have become part of our lives, and how tech is uniting Filipinos from all over the world. They could be solo or group shots -- pics of you and your colleagues, as well as you and your families.

You can also record brief greetings on your digicams or camphones and e-mail them to me. Please just briefly introduce yourself or identify the people in the video :)

You could also ask your friends to submit photos and video clips, following the same guidelines. Please submit your pics and videos on or before Feb. 9, so you could be part of the first batch when the site launches.


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