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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

itjournoasia features inq7 @ 5, the trade site for the region's tech journalists, IT companies and PR firms, featured the INQ7 @ 5 anniversary site in their Media News section.

Since is a password-protected, subscription-only site, I'm reprinting their article here:

Media News
INQ7 looks ahead as it turns 5
By Tan Lili
28/02/2006 11:49:55 AM

While most publications celebrate their birthdays by commemorating the milestones they have achieved, INQ7 hopes to engage its readers on its 5th anniversary by integrating tools to gradually evolve and embrace the Web 2.0 revolution.

To accomplish its hopes, the INQ7 team created a special anniversary website where text, audio and video converged. The project was spearheaded by Joey Alarilla, co-editor of gaming site and Infotech columnist at online title INQ7.

“I really wanted the site to showcase the multimedia services that we're offering or will soon be deploying throughout the growing INQ7 network,” said Alarilla.

“The site has an integrated WordPress blog, which we're using to post not only our articles and musings, but, more important, stories and comments from our readers.”

The homepage of the website shows a world map and you can enter the sections – Stories, Videos, Blog, Podcasts and Greetings – when you click on different continents.

Alarilla said one of his postings looked into the future of online journalism and how INQ7 will stay ahead of the curve.

“My post at the start of our blog explains what we're trying to achieve and what we see as the direction for online journalism: to make online publications more relevant to the needs of a new generation of Internet users; integrate online tools such as blogs and podcasts into the news process; and encourage more active participation and user-generated content from readers, but without getting too enamored with the technology.

“We have to embrace change without forgetting the basics of good journalism - the important thing is to tell good stories and provide quality service, whichever medium you may deploy or whatever gadget readers might use to access your content.”

In his blog, Alarilla quoted INQ7’s executive editor, Leo Magno, to talk about both the Old Media and the New Media.

Magno said: “There’s nowhere else to go but forward. I think we have to redefine what the real meaning of media is. You have a billion people online on the Internet and all of them [represent] a potential audience for your website. And you don’t consider that mass media? I don’t know what is.

“There used to be a time a decade ago or more when online newspapers weren’t considered yet really as a medium, as part of traditional media, but I think the distinction is now blurring between New Media and Old Media. It’s only guys like us who’ve been in media for the longest time who refer to it as Old and New Media. But the younger generation who grew up with this kind of medium does not consider it new.”

Like Alarilla, Magno also felt that good journalism should not be neglected even as a surge of new online applications emerge.

“These are just enablers for what people really want to do. What they really want to do is voice out an opinion, or a complaint, or a reaction, or tell their story,” Magno was quoted as saying.

“We’re hearing a lot of buzzwords like citizen journalism, grassroots journalism. A lot of these new tools — we’re going to incorporate and use them more often… I wouldn’t call this journalism per se right now. It has a lot of maturing to do still, but it’s a good start. And the good ones — the good bloggers, the good podcasters — may partner with media.”

Online publication INQ7, launched on February 27, 2001, is a joint venture between the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper and the GMA Network broadcast company.

Alarilla can be contacted at

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