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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

inq7 @ 5 now live

Check out our INQ7 @ 5 anniversary site and celebrate with us online.

I'm really happy with this site and proud of what everyone on the team accomplished in record time. When we started brainstorming a little over a month ago (yeah, we like to cut things a little close, heh), I proposed an anniversary site that would not only talk about the things we have in store for readers, but actually give them a taste of these services in action. I also wanted to emphasize how these different gadgets and online tools are already part of our everyday lives.

As I told the different stakeholders in that meeting, including our president and CEO Paolo Prieto, why not take advantage of what many of us are actually doing everyday for our personal use, such as taking pics and shooting videos with our camera phones, and adapt this to our needs as a news organization? Why not allow readers to submit user-generated content utilizing these same tools?

I guess what I said in our Blog section intro best explains what we tried to achieve with this site:

One thing we really wanted to do this year was to have the anniv site showcase the different online tools we’ll be deploying to deliver INQ7 content and services. Stuff like blogs and podcasts, which many Internet users are already familiar with, but which may be exotic toys for some news readers, and exciting new playgrounds for news organizations.

We want you to be able to enjoy these services, to see for yourselves how they can become valuable tools for delivering the news. Of course, we’re tailoring them to the needs of a news organization, and what works for us may not necessarily be what’s best for a personal blog, and vice versa.

At the risk of sounding pedantic, we’d like to demystify blogs and podcasts — to emphasize what we actually do with these tools, rather than the technology itself.

For instance, you don’t need high-end equipment to create your own online broadcasts. Which is why we shot the video clips using camera phones, and extracted audio from these to create our podcasts. Sure, the quality of the audio and the resolution won’t be as great, but when you can bring down online content and video-on-demand to the level of cell phones and other mobile devices, then you can make more people not only appreciate the power of digital media, but also encourage them to become content creators and online publishers themselves.

I'm not going to lie to you: it's not always easy being part of I've experienced my share of stress and frustrations over the years. Still, I wouldn't be where I am now if not for the opportunities this company has given me. Somehow, through thick and thin, something about inspires us to give our best. And you know what? A company whose executives are willing to support a fun experiment like this anniversary site, whose big bosses are game enough to be interviewed using mobile phones, and whose hardworking people keep outdoing themselves with every new project, must be worth it.

I hope you'll enjoy experimenting with these tools and submit your own photos, videos and audio greetings that creatively convey your anniversary message. Just check each section for the guidelines.

Use the integrated WordPress blog to post your own articles or comment on existing entries. You’ll have to register to start posting blog entries, but you don’t need to register to comment on existing articles. All entries and comments, however, will not immediately appear on the blog but will first be sent to a moderator.

So check out the site and start submitting your own content, whether it's serious or light-hearted stuff. would be nothing without our readers, the almost one million unique visitors who make our site their virtual home each day.

Thanks for your continuing support. Happy 5th Anniversary,!

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