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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

keep the hits coming

Yup, Filipino vodcasting (or video podcasting, which you could also call vidcasting, Internet television, IPTV and a slew of other buzzwords; some also say this is synonymous to video blogging or vlogging) is alive and well.

Check out H.I.T. (Hot Interesting Topics), which aired its first episode on August 20, 2005 and might own the distinction of being not only the first Philippine vodcast, but also Asia's -- at least that's what Wikipedia has to say in its entry on vodcast.

H.I.T. is produced and hosted by siblings Michael, Joanna and James Hui-Villanueva, and this made-for-the-Web show takes a look at diverse topics such as tech, travel and tasty treats. It's truly a small world, after all. Joanna was our intern at a few years back and wrote stuff for YOU, the youth site I edit.

You can check out the latest episode of H.I.T. below (Episode 12, Dec. 6) via streaming video courtesy of YouTube, though sometimes the streaming video is marred by too much buffering. It's best to subscribe to the vodcast like I did via iTunes -- I chose the H.264 format for QuickTime 7. You could also get the vodcast in MP4 format for your PC or Mac, and in M4V format for downloading to the new iPod with video capability, if you have one already. I don't, hehe, so it's still just one of the objects of my technolust.

The siblings are sometimes sheepish about the ambient noise included in the vodcast, such as the sound of traffic, but I actually like it -- I think it works in this context and adds to the authenticity.

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