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Monday, January 09, 2006

just take the blue pill

US-based zine, of which I'm a multimedia critic/game reviewer, has published my The Matrix: Path of Neo (Xbox) review.

Here's an excerpt:

If you're still secretly harboring notions that the Wachowski brothers are true creative geniuses and the original Matrix wasn't just a fluke, the video game The Matrix: Path of Neo should put an end to all your delusions.

This isn't to say that PoN is total crap -- though when it comes to graphics, it does look, well, excremental. Sure, the game has nifty effects and at its best does make you feel like you're in the Matrix universe. Considering that a topnotch company like Shiny Entertainment developed this and that it's been years since the last Matrix movie (so, it's not like they were rushing things, right?), the character models are disappointing, even downright ugly. And I'm playing this on the Xbox, okay, which has me wondering why sometimes it looks like a game on the original PlayStation.

Read the full story.

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