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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

bigger, better

Here's an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech @Play column piece:

At least two major gaming events will debut this year, once more underscoring just how much gaming is becoming a part of popular culture. The CMP Game Group, which is behind the Game Developers Conference (GDC), has announced that it is teaming up with The Hollywood Reporter, a popular entertainment trade publication, to launch the first Hollywood and Games Summit on June 27, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. If you had any doubts about the synergy that exists between movies and video games, this should show you how seriously these two industries are about working with each other. I understand that one of the key goals they’ll try to accomplish with this conference is to put an end to bad movie-to-game translation, and vice versa. Amen to that; we could do away with awful games like The Matrix: Path of Neo.

Meanwhile, the CMP Game Group has also unveiled plans to launch the first edition of GDC Asia in late 2006. The event aims to bring together Asian game developers and further spur the growth of the gaming ecosystem in the region. Again, this shows how Asia is leading the way in this digital revolution, particularly when it comes to online gaming.

Closer to home, a new gaming publication will try to win the hearts of Filipino gamers with the launch of the Philippine edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly. As I mentioned in my @Play column, you can visit the EGM Philippines online forums for more details.

The first issue of EGM Philippines is scheduled to come out this February, right Jayvee? :)

Check out my @Play column.

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