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Thursday, October 20, 2005

business-class voice

How many of you have used Skype? (Did eBay make the right move in acquiring this Internet telephony company, or will it turn out to be a 2.5-billion-dollar mistake?) Or made voice calls through Yahoo! Messenger?

Voice over IP or Internet telephony is becoming popular among consumers, but businesses will demand more secure and reliable solutions for their mission-critical applications, according to networking technology firm Juniper.

Here's an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech story:

"VoIP is definitely a threat, but also an opportunity. It's a threat to long-distance calls but also an opportunity for telcos to offer managed VoIP services," Andrew Ma, head of Solution and Product Marketing for Asia Pacific of Juniper Networks (Hong Kong) Ltd, told in an interview at a press briefing in Manila.

While the peer-to-peer Skype application has gained even more media mileage after eBay acquired the Internet telephony company for 2.5 billion dollars in cash and stock, Ma stressed that businesses will have more stringent requirements for Internet telephony applications than consumers.

"We need to separate mission-critical solutions. Skype is pretty good already, but it mainly targets individual Internet users. It's not built for business," Ma said.

Read the rest of the article.

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agja keeps growing

Just the other day, four journalists from Indonesia -- two of whom I met at the Intel event in KL last week -- joined the Asian Gaming Journalists Association.

This means AGJA now has a presence in four countries: the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and now Indonesia. And it won't stop there. More on this soon.

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