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Friday, September 09, 2005

back in changi

Thank God for free Internet access here at Changi.

Did some last-minute shopping, edited stories for and well, here I am updating my blog, hehe.

Have to catch my flight back home to Manila in a few minutes. It's been a fun six days in Singapore and Malaysia, but God, I miss my wife and daughter so much.

See you soon, Ellen and Sam!

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

amazing 3g experience

Our team -- me, Dede of Indonesia and Pras of Malaysia -- won the "Erisson 3G Scavenger Hunt" held for the tech journalists covering the 3G media workshop here in Kuala Lumpur. It's an amazing experience, and I'll write a story about it soon.

This was an Amazing Race-type scavenger hunt inside a mall, where we solved clues, communicated w/ each other via videocall and SMS (using voice to communicate with each other was illegalhehe to emphasize that 3G is beyond voice), and took pictures of thestore signs that were the solutions to the puzzles using the 3G phone.

For placing first, we each got a Sony Ericsson K7001, which is a pretty great tri-band camera phone but not 3G :) They loaned 3G phones -- mostly Sony Ericsson z800s -- to us to test 3G apps and use in the race.

Needless to say it was an amazing experience.

And it was a twin victory for the Philippines, hackenslash/INQ7 and the Asian Gaming Journalists Association because Erwin Oliva, who was covering a separate Intel Pro-Gamer event in Kuala Lumpur, lasted longest against one of the world's best Warcraft players, pro gamer Grubby, to top the friendly competition among the tech journalists based on points.

Go Philippines! Go hackenslash/INQ7! Go AGJA!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

kl is cool

Funny enough, this is my first trip to Malaysia. We arrived at KL International Airport at 1: 30 p.m. from Singapore, but I had no idea that the airport was so far away from the city. It took us over an hour to get to our hotel, Le Meridien -- and that's with absolutely no traffic jam!

The roads are pretty nice and clean, and it's great that they have a lot of trees here in KL. Am now editing and filing stories at the business center -- the hotel offers complimentary broadband Internet access to guests. Ain't it wonderful?

We had a very long day in Singapore yesterday, what with all the sessions at the MediaConnect Security Issues Forum from 9 to almost 6 pm. Can't complain though, because the presentations were informative and the speakers veered away from product spiels, as the organizers and we journalists requested.

After that, we had cocktails at the hotel, then ate and had more drinks at Lau Pa Sat, where we also met up with the Filipino IT journos who covered the Juniper event, as well as my friend Elena Torrijos, who used to be an ace business reporter for PDI but is now the associate editor of Singapore-based trade pub Asian Banker. After Lau Pa Sat, we had more drinks at a KTV that was like something out of the 70s, then to a better club which had a live band, Ipanema, where MediaConnect managing director Phil Sim, MediaConnect/ITJourno writer Crystal Lawrence, Erwin Oliva and I stayed until 4 am.

OK, got to get back to work.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

from singapore with love

I'm in a cybercafe in Singapore right now, near Sim Lim Square, together with fellow IT journalists Erwin Oliva (who like me is from, Joel Pinaroc of Manila Bulletin/Philippine IT Update and Melissa Vergara of Computerworld Philippines.

We had a reasonably good flight via budget airline JetStar Asia from Manila to Singapore, marred only by the long lines at the NAIA immigration counter. It's really disheartening to ask the NAIA people why the lines are this long, only to have them shrug and reply, "Ganyan lang po talaga, maraming sabay-sabay umaalis."

That's all the reason they can give for making us wait the better part of an hour in a stupid queue, resigned as they are apparently to the fact that "this is the way things are."

Ah well, at least we're enjoying ourselves here in Singapore, taking a breather before our tight schedule tomorrow, as we cover the MediaConnect Security Issues Forum from 8 am to 5 pm. Not that we're complaining because we're hoping to get lot of good stories tomorrow.

OK, that's it for now. Have some more e-mail messages to check and work to do, while chatting with my wife Ellen via YM.

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sing a song

I'm off to Singapore this noon, to cover the MediaConnect Security Issues Forum on Sept. 5. Then, from Singapore I'll be flying to Malaysia Tuesday noon to cover an Ericsson 3G media workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

Got to go now. I'll miss you, my two Bs -- Ellen and Sam.

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Here's Sam's pic from her most recent trip to Subic. Posted by Picasa

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Sam's a brave girl. She had to spend two days in the hospital due to pneumonitis, after we brought her to the ER Wednesday night because she was having difficulty breathing. She initially had to use the nebulizer every two hours, then later every four hours. She's a lot better now, though we had to buy a nebulizer. Here's a pic of her from the hospital, using the nebulizer and pretending she's a pilot. Posted by Picasa

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