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Saturday, April 09, 2005

girls got game

Many female gamers still have to contend with a lot of stereotypes and myths. The all-female members of the Clan of the Shadowmaidens, however, prove that girl gamers do have a lot of fun while kicking ass with the best of them.

Check out my hackenslash article.

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low-cost linux pcs?

Will the Lenovo-IBM deal encourage the growth of low-cost Linux PCs?

That remains to be seen, but it's a scenario raised by Palo Alto, California-based research firm Petrov Group, LLC. At any rate, the expanded Lenovo is seen to give more choices to PC customers, especially in emerging markets.

Here's an excerpt:

THE SALE of IBM's PC business to Lenovo has been viewed by some quarters mainly in terms of China flexing its muscle and eclipsing the US.

In fact, the "loss" of America's iconic IBM PC Division to a Chinese company even prompted the US government, through the multi-agency Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS), to raise fears of the loss of trade secrets and review the Lenovo-IBM deal, before finally giving its go-signal to the transaction last month.

Officials of both companies and some analysts however see the deal as ultimately benefiting PC customers, particularly in the Asia Pacific region by allowing the new Lenovo to focus squarely on the PC market while leveraging on IBM's long experience in the enterprise space to provide support for corporate PC users.

Read my Infotech article.

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pamcakes online

Say hello to Pamela Almeda, our Friday YOU Blog Addict.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

giving voice to gaming

Here's an excerpt from my @Play Infotech column this week:

For quite some time now, one of my fondest wishes is for PLDT to realize that more of its existing subscribers would seriously consider upgrading their connection to myDSL if it would waive the monthly P700-plus basic telephone service fee once you decide to pay a premium for broadband.

Think about it: If you’re, say, a PLDT myDSL Plan 1995 subscriber, you’re already paying more than P1,995 a month to PLDT, and this is on top of the P787.78 monthly fee you’re paying for the basic telephone service. In other words, this is the fee you’re paying just to maintain your plain old voice connection, whether or not you actually use your phone to call someone.

Read my online column.

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tinggay forever

Say hello to Nikki Abanto, our Tuesday YOU Blog Addict.

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missing ellen

My wife Ellen flew to Hong Kong Tuesday afternoon to attend her company's regional meeting. She'll be back Saturday night, and Sam and I are counting the days.

We really miss her a lot, but at least dalawang tulog na lang. Sam keeps saying, "We'll wait for Mommy, ha" when we go to bed at night, but she's been a pretty well-adjusted three-year-old (three years and three months, to be exact). Things have been really busy at work, and sometimes Sam can get too clingy, but that's just how she is whenever one of us has to leave her.

Miss you, B. See you on Saturday.

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blogging about piracy

Clair Ching has also blogged about piracy, sharing her thoughts on this thorny issue.

Thanks to Clair, I found out that Ranulf Goss has a blog. Ranulf is the board chairperson of the Manila chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Here is Ranulf's blog entry on piracy. Clair also referred me to this blog entry from monicai.

I'm glad that people are thinking about the implications of piracy and sharing their views. Whatever may be our opinion on this matter, piracy is an issue that affects us all.

So if you've blogged about piracy lately or would like to share your comments, just let me know.

By the way, can anyone tell me how come pirated PC CD-ROMs and other bootleg discs are still being openly sold in malls, when mall owners supposedly agreed to the Department of Trade and Industry directive not to allow their tenants to sell pirated goods?

And what was the whole point of kicking out the pirates of Virra Mall, when the vendors of pirated games just moved to the other side of Greenhills Shopping Center to Shoppesville Plus?

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hunter sisters make waves in hawaii

Read about the Hunter sisters, Fil-American surfing sensations Lani, 15, and Ashley, 11, in my Global Nation article.

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batista rules!

I'm so happy Batista whupped Triple H's ass in WrestleMania 21 to become the new world heavyweight champion of World Wrestling Entertainment.

I've never liked Hunter, a.k.a. The Game, a.k.a. The Cerebral Assassin, a.k.a. Mr. Stephanie McMahon. Not when he was still the genteel Hunter Hearst Helmsley, not when he was the sidekick of Shawn Michaels in DeGeneration X, and certainly not today when he's a 10-time wrestling champion. OK, Triple H is a phenomenal athlete and he's the villain you love to hate, but please, Hunter, stop pushing wrestling storylines where you keep regaining the championship. What, do you want to beat Nature Boy Ric Flair's record? Wooo!

Anyway, Batista has become a fan favorite in the months leading to WrestleMania. He's always been impressive and he's one of the wrestlers I root for apart from Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin and Victoria, though my sentimental favorite is still Stone Cold Steve Austin.

What some might not realize however is that Batista is Fil-Greek, which means he's the first pro wrestler of Filipino ethnicity to win the world heavyweight championship. I haven't had the chance to interview Batista (whose real name is Dave Bautista) yet, but you can read this Global Nation feature.

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i want my wcgtv

The coach of the Philippine Team to the World Cyber Games has announced a new video game show tentatively called WCGTV, which will air on a Philippine cable channel if negotiations are successful.

This TV program aims to promote video gaming as a spectator sport in the Philippines.

Read hackenslash reporter Alex Villafania's article.

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countdown to guild wars

Your high-level character has joined a party of kickass adventurers, ready to take some names in intense PvP combat. Yet how much fear can your group strike in the hearts of foes with a name like Fuzzy Bunnies?

Read "Ready to save the world again in Guild Wars?"

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

mourning our loss

Please pray for the soul of Pope John Paul II, whose death is a great loss not only to the more than a billion Roman Catholics all over the world but also everyone whose lives have been touched by this charismatic spiritual leader and tireless peace advocate.

I haven't been a devout Roman Catholic -- that's an understatement -- but while I've not agreed with some of the dogmas of the Church and the Pope's stand on certain issues, I can't deny that in my heart, I am a Catholic and probably will always be. It is the rites of this Church into which I was baptized that move me, and while my mind is open to different philosophical and religious beliefs that may contradict its teachings, I suppose everything I see is viewed through the lens of this Catholic core, because for many Filipinos, it's part of who we are.

I have always admired the Pope for his humility in spite of the fact that he is arguably the world's most powerful leader, his humanity that allows us all to identify with him, his passionate defense of his beliefs, and his tireless efforts to bring a message of hope to everyone in the world, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

The man who was born Karol Wojtyla reigned for 26 years as one of the most remarkable and influential popes in history. The Catholic Church is what it is today in large part because of his vision and his determination to push forward with ecumenism and the reforms of Vatican II. Most of all, he was a man who genuinely loved and was loved by millions all over the world.

I'm talking as someone who was once an atheist during most of high school and college. Yet what I've come to realize over the years is that it doesn't matter what religion you follow and what spiritual beliefs you profess, but at the end of the day you have to believe in someone, something greater than humanity and our frail flesh and this material world. It is not enough to always demand that we know with certainty. Sometimes we must believe, without any guarantee that the path we have chosen is the right one or that in the end we will be rewarded for our beliefs.

So let's join together in mourning the Pope's death and celebrating the remarkable life he led. He taught us not only how to live, but how to die with dignity.

At the end of the day, life is too short and too precious for us to live without faith.

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