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Friday, December 16, 2005

gmail mobile

Here's a great holiday treat from Google -- now you can check your Gmail account via your mobile phone or PDA web browser.

Just point your mobile device's browser to to access Gmail Mobile. For more info on Gmail Mobile, visit this page.

Of course, I immediately tried it using GPRS on my XDA II to send an e-mail to my wife Ellen. Works perfectly.

With all the nifty features of Gmail and the new ones Google is constantly introducing, is it any wonder I find it hard to use any other e-mail service?

Google certainly delivered on the hype that they would revolutionize the way we use e-mail. Heck, Gmail is my mobile office, and since I use Blogger for my blog and Google for search, you can color me Googled, heh.

Except I still prefer Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Groups. Check out Google Talk and Google Groups for the Google alternatives.

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