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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

downloading the future

Right now I'm trying out the 14-day free trial of RealNetworks' SuperPass, as well as the CinemaNow online movie service.

Both offer movies-on-the demand, though it's slim pickings over at RealNetworks. Still, I enjoyed watching Mark Hamill's mockumentary "Comic Book: The Movie" for free via SuperPass. Pure genius. I used an S-video cable to connect my PC to our TV and watch the online movies there.

I'm a huge fan of entertainment-on-demand, particularly games-on-demand, and believe that we should accelerate the growth of this service in the Philippines.

On that note, check out Turner Broadcasting Systems' GameTap games-on-demand service. It's only available in the US right now, but it's a glimpse of the future.

Here's an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech @Play column piece:

I'm looking forward to the day when broadband-powered game- and entertainment-on-demand networks will become the norm, doing away with the inconvenience of having to find space for physical discs while also theoretically minimizing the impact of piracy. Let everything reside on the network, just as we've been hearing for over a decade now.

For this to happen, however, the service providers should also have current titles on the list of games-on-demand, as well as compelling content for their virtual TV networks.

Check out my @Play column.

By the way, in case you haven't heard, the Philippines will have its own edition of the popular gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly. Yeah, I know, the launch of EGM Philippines has been an open secret for the past few months hehe :)

Anyway, the HIP (that's Hinge Inquirer Publications; yup, Hinge is now also part of the Inquirer family) team invited me to write a regular column, and of course I said yes. So do watch out for the first issue of EGM Philippines.

So, how will hackenslash and be involved with the online version of EGM Philippines?

Sorry to leave you hanging, but just stay tuned.

After all, the future is just around the corner.

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