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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

hiphop + basketball

I talked to Level Up! content director for International Phil Cahiwat last Saturday during the Philippine ROSE Online official launch and he confirmed that the company will soon introduce its second casual game in the country -- the hiphop three-on-three basketball game Freestyle.

Here's an excerpt from my INQ7 Infotech story:

Phil Cahiwat, content director for International of Level Up!, told in an interview during the Philippine ROSE Online official launch on Oct. 29 that the company is confident that the three-on-three online basketball game will appeal to many Filipinos.

"It's probably our first mainstream game," Cahiwat said, pointing out that Freestyle does not harness only the popularity of sports games and street basketball, but also the youth's interest in hiphop music and culture.

You can check out the South Korean site for the Freestyle international client.

Read the full article.

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