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Thursday, October 13, 2005

new pc performance benchmarks

Here's my Intel story that came out last night in INQ7 Infotech:

KUALA LUMPUR -- Sure, benchmarks that measure PC performance have been around since the 70s and 80s, but the problem is that these tests provide figures that most of the buying public don't understand. Now, the world's leading chipmaker
Intel Corp. is pushing for the adoption of what it calls the third generation of
benchmarks, which advocates a capability-based approach to platform evaluation
and seeks to measure the actual experience of a consumer when they play a computer game or use a digital home application.

"We started looking at the market, and the buying habits of the public, and we saw that the market was getting confused," Matt Dunford, worldwide client benchmarking manager of Intel Corp., said in response to a question from on why the chipmaker believes the time is right to introduce a new benchmarking tool. Dunford was the speaker at the Intel South East Asia Benchmarking Tour held Oct. 11-12.

Intel is launching the website before the end of October in order to make these new tools, which are now in beta, available to the public and get feedback that will improve these tests. The important thing, however, is to change the mindset of people and focus on platforms and actual capabilities.

Read the rest of the INQ7 Infotech story here.

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