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Monday, October 24, 2005

the best things in life are lag-free

I recently reviewed the D-Link DGL-4300 wireless gaming router for INQ7 Infotech.

Here's what I had to say in my @Play column:

A GAMING router?

Yeah, I know, I was skeptical when I first heard about this product. What's even more mind-boggling is that this baby, the D-Link DGL-4300, is not only a wireless router that offers a maximum of 108 Mbps of wifi (wireless fidelity) connectivity via the 802.11g standard (that's the maximum theoretical speed you can attain, OK, plus remember that you'll need a special wireless adapter for your PC to attain that kind of speed), but also features four Gigabit Ethernet ports -- and yet it's meant for home use.

Gigabit Ethernet in your home? My brother-in-law Eric the hardware buff's jaw dropped when he found out the specs of this bad boy, as he wondered aloud if this was overkill since why the heck would a home user need this kind of speed? Then again, D-Link is aiming this product squarely at the hardcore gamer, the ones who would be willing to pay a premium just to get the best gaming experience -- the same kind of people who shell out money for high-end keyboards and mice optimized for gameplay, or trick out their gaming rigs with the sweetest-looking PC casings, cooling systems, neon lights and other mods.

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Read my @Play column.

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