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Friday, August 05, 2005

joining popmatters

I was recently accepted as a multimedia critic/game reviewer by US-based e-zine

It's a cool site that examines different aspects of pop culture but tries to veer away from the mainstream -- it's more of cultural criticism, even when it comes to game reviews.

I'm grateful that PopMatters Multimedia Editor Michael Sims liked the two sample works I sent him and my proposed first review, which they've already published. You might be interested in also applying as a multimedia and video game critic -- the deadline is August 12 and the details are on the site. They don't pay contributor's fees, but you do get free games. They're also looking for book reviewers.

Here's an excerpt from my first PopMatters review:

My Kingdom for a Monk

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but somehow I doubt we'll be striking fear in the hearts of our foes by calling our group the Fuzzy Bunnies.

Not that the particular group I joined for a taste of player vs. player (PvP) combat in the massively multiplayer online game Guild Wars would be taking names even if we'd given ourselves bad-ass monikers such as The Lotus Assassins or The Servants of the Plague. The bitter truth is: we sucked. And I sucked just as bad as the rest, which is never good for your self-image as a gamer when you're usually more than capable when it comes to other genres.

Online gaming, however, is a different animal. You're thrown in with complete strangers, yet somehow you're supposed to form a party and cooperate well enough to take down the nastiest critters. True, it's still probably best to play online with the buddies you have in real life, particularly if you're just starting to discover this whole MMO craze, but hey, where's the sense of adventure in that?

Read the full article.

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