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Friday, July 15, 2005

rise (and fall?) of radiant princess sam

Man, I love Jade Empire on my Xbox! I finished the game thrice with Radiant Princess Sam (yeah, you can guess who she's named after, hehe) to see the three different endings, then again as another character, Furious Flying Jin, who consistently followed the Way of the Closed Fist. For the review, however, I tried something different, and it just talks about Radiant Princess Sam because I wrote it before setting off on a new adventure.

Here's an excerpt:

"You surprise me yet again. I’m a better teacher than I thought."--Master Li

IS power worth the sacrifice of everyone you hold dear? This question is at the heart of the epic journey that takes you through the vastness of the mighty Jade Empire. It is a tale of unswerving loyalty and betrayal most foul, of unimaginable heights and unspeakable depths, of paths chosen and roads not taken.

Different adventurers will have different stories to tell about the wonders they have beheld in the Jade Empire, but this particular tale revolves around the experiences of the young woman whom we named Radiant Princess Sam, as seen through the eyes of two of her companions in this quest that decided the fate of the land ruled by Emperor Sun Hai.

Dawn Star: Hi, I’m Dawn Star and I play the part of the childhood friend.

Sagacious Zu: Hi, I’m Sagacious Zu and I play the part of the conflicted anti-hero.

Dawn: (looks at you with a slightly nervous smile) This is a… rather strange time and place. You wanted to talk about my friend, Radiant Princess Sam?

Zu: Who, strangely enough, happens to look exactly like Radiant Jen Zi. I suppose all beautiful, fast and deadly warriors look alike. Radiant Princess Sam isn’t a real princess, however; blame the father for giving her that name.

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