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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

agja at egg

The first genmeet and EB party of the Asian Gaming Journalists Association last night at Extreme Gaming Grounds Greenhills was a blast and it was really overwhelming to get all that support from the different stakeholders in the Philippine gaming community.

Thanks to all the members who went to EGG last night, and to those who were unable to go (like Cristina Peczon), don't worry, Ed Geronia, Jing Garcia and the others who brought their digicams will be sending their pics shortly and I'll post them here and on other sites.

Thanks to Erwin Oliva for blogging about the presentations in real time -- check out his blog. We also had a few bloggers over who were part of the Slycesoft team (and friends hehe) -- Slycesoft is the company developing the first Philippine-made 3D fighting game for the PC, Away Agila. Clair Ching has already blogged about it. Jac Ting Lim, Sacha Chua and Jonas Diego were also there. So yes, it's really gratifying to see that AGJA/Gamejournos is also getting support from members of the Philippine blogging community. Gabby Dizon of web development and blog outsourcing company Kokoro-Works and Anino Mobile also dropped by to show his support for AGJA -- and we might be announcing something pretty soon, right, Gabby?

Briefly, I presented our three main projects: the Campus ORG tours, ORG standing for Operation: Responsible Gaming. We would like to correct the wrong misconception that gaming is a waste of time or that it corrupts the youth, by teaching them responsible gaming. We'd also like to train campus gaming journalists, to teach the next generation of Gamejournos what we learned from experience, since many of us didn't get any formal training on how to write for gaming since it's relatively new and it still isn't recognized as a separate beat.

Of course, our second project is the website, while the third one is the regional gaming conference which we plan to hold in the Philippines, which will bring together gaming journalists from all over Asia and will feature speakers from the Philippine game companies, Asian game developers and, we hope, regional players like EA Asia and World Cyber Games. Yup, that conference is going to be a biggie, but hey, we're here to make our dreams come true.

The guests who were present and who gave informal talks were Ricky Banaag, country manager of Intel Microelectronics Philippines; Greg Kittelson, director for business development of Digital Media Exchange, parent company of Mobius, the Philippine publisher of MU and Gunbound; Mike Hamlin, managing director of Team Asia; Sheila Paul, marketing head of Level Up!, the Philippine publisher of OZ World, Ragnarok, R.O.S.E. Online and RF Online; Ranulf Goss, chairperson of the Manila chapter of the International Game Developers Association and founder/chief game architect of Slycesoft Games Development, the company developing Away Agila; Derek Arculli, CEO of Beetlerock, the company behind FairyLand Philippines; Ramil de la Cruz of the marketing department of Netplay, the Philippine publisher of PristonTale; Frances Fernandez, marketing manager of Netgames, the Philippine publisher of Khan: The Absolute Power; Marky Fernandez, games master of ABS-CBN Multimedia's Tantra Philippines; and Tjader Regis, head of the Philippine team to the World Cyber Games and organizer of WCG Philippines.

We now also have budding chapters in Malaysia and Singapore after several Malaysian and Singaporean journalists joined the group just this morning -- we now have 34 members and counting.

AGJA/Gamejournos was just a dream, just another idea, but thanks to all those who believed, it's now a reality. And this is just the beginning.


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