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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

sammy's feeling better

Our daughter Sam has been sick for over a week now. We've brought her to her pedia twice, and she even took a CBC yesterday just to rule out the possibility of dengue (which was unlikely because she doesn't have the other symptoms, but better safe than sorry).

Poor Sam, she'd start feeling better and then her temperature would just suddenly shoot up again, sometimes as high as 40. Apparently, she had some sort of viral infection last week, and now has tonsillitis.

But at least her fever isn't as bad now. Trouble is, everytime she starts feeling better, she wants to start running, riding on her bike, and her usual activities. We keep telling her to get some rest. Good thing she has Ellen for a supermom -- you should see how dedicated she is. Another reason Sam and I love her so much.

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