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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

peter moore story in itjourno

ITJourno Asia, the subscription-only site for Asian tech journalists, cited my "Microsoft VP stresses support for Asia's gaming ecosystem" story in today's Epitome column.

Here's what Epitome had to say:


INQ7's Joey Alarilla penned another of his gaming industry features today, this time interviewing a bloke with one of the world's longest (and damn our jealousy... most impressive) job titles: Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for the Home and Entertainment Division.


Alarilla went digging into the future of Xbox's Xenon - particularly in the Asia-Pacific - and concluded it was bright.

"As the world prepares for the next round of the console wars, the industry is already starting to place bets on which video game system will win the support of most gamers – whether it will be Xenon, the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Revolution," Alarilla wrote.

"Of course, Sony is way ahead of the pack with the PlayStation 2 in this generation of consoles, with 81.39 million PS2 units sold worldwide as of December 31, 2004, according to figures from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Nintendo reportedly has sold over 18 million GameCube units worldwide.

"Yet think about it: Xbox became the world's number two console with little support from Japanese gamers, relegating the video game industry legend Nintendo to number three despite all the skepticism that greeted Microsoft's decision to enter the console market and the criticism hurled against the big, ugly black box."

Interesting times are ahead, he mulled.

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