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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

itjourno cites 2 gaming articles

ITJourno Asia, the subscription-only trade site for Asian tech journalists, cited two of my stories in its Epitome column today.

Reporters go nuts for gaming, porn

In the Philippines, Joey Alarilla wrote up Singapore game distie iGames Asia’s “aggressive campaign” to make Vital Sign one of the top MMOG in the country:

“In deciding to enter the MMOG space, iGames Asia has committed more than 2.5 million Singaporean dollars to push Vital Sign in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia,” Alarilla wrote.

That was at INQ7, where Alarilla also penned an interview with the head of the World Cyber Games, who noted that despite more consumer pick-up "hardcore gamers are the most important customers and precious sources of feedback for game developers and industry people".

Meanwhile, according to Kerlyn Bautista at IT Matters, the RP gov is refusing to include in a schools project any ISP that won’t block porn.“[ICT] commissioner Damian Domingo O. Mapa said the government would exclude ISPs in the program if they could not bar 3,000 pornography sites created everyday from their networks,” Bautista wrote.

Great story... except Lawrence Casiraya at Computerworld Philippines also had it. Casiraya also had this great headline: “RP seen overtaking India in call center market by 2008”.


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