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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

digital pinay story in itjourno

ITJourno Asia, a subscription-only site for Asian tech journalists, made the Digital Pinay controversy the main story in its Epitome column today:

Epitome: Did bloggers kill the girls comp?
By Victoria Lea and Tan Lili
12:00:00 PM

Joey Alarilla was back on one of the most interesting stories to date this year, that of the Digital Pinay Women in IT competition. As of today, it’s officially dead.

According to an Alarilla report up today, on, the organizers could not overcome negative media and industry perception over an alleged sexism surrounding the event – despite holding an open forum to hear ideas on changing the set-up.

"We really feel frustrated about the whole thing,” Alarilla had Leo Querubin, PCS special projects chairperson, saying. “Because sometimes you have good intentions, but some people really have negative feelings about this."

“In the end, I just had to say I don’t think this is worth the effort."

PCS and Media G8way had tried to assuage fears of “online critics” – aka bloggers – that the event was sexist and disparaging to females working in IT, Alarilla wrote in an earlier report.

But it seems PCS did not feel it received enough support to go ahead.

"If the compromise had been given a chance to work and we had pooled our efforts, I think we would have pushed through with this project. But sadly we received vicious reactions," Querubin was quoted as saying.

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