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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

amazing win

The team I was rooting for in The Amazing Race 6 won! Yay!

I won't spoil the surprise for those who haven't seen the episode yet or checked out the results on the Net. But damn, that was a great win! A nail-biter. Actually, I also liked the other team, so I woudn't have minded so much if they'd finished first, but man, the eventual winners have been my favorites since I first started watching Amazing Race 6!

The last time the team I was rooting for won was TAR 3 -- yes, that's my deep dark secret -- I was rooting for Flo and Zach. In my defense, I was originally cheering on Jill and Jon Vito, but after they were eliminated, I switched to the bi -- er, Flo and Zach. Kelly and Jon came so close in TAR 4 -- that really hurt. I didn't really watch TAR 5, except for the episode where Luli appeared.

And oh, guess who's joining the next edition of TAR? My two favorite reality show contestants -- Survivor's Boston Rahb and Ambuh. Again, not the most popular couple in the world, but hey, I like them and they're tough competitors.

OK, enough of reality TV -- back to real life.

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