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Monday, December 20, 2004

return of master chief

Read my @Play Infotech column for my take on Halo 2. Here's an excerpt:

Halo 2: Great game
ends with a whimper

Sound schizophrenic? If you've played and finished this much-hyped Xbox game (event actually, because it's broken all sorts of gaming industry records and has sold over five million copies so far), you know exactly what I mean. It's still a great game, no question about it, but the ending? Arghh!

I won't spoil the game for those who haven't played through Halo 2 yet, but let's just say you'll feel very strongly about the controversial cliffhanger ending. You're either going to like it and defend it as the ending Bungie planned all along, or you're going to cuss when you realize it's the ending and that's all the thanks you get for the 10 to 15 hours you've put into finishing Halo 2. I'm firmly in the camp of people who think the ending's full of crap.

You know how you don't want some games to end even as you desperately try to finish them as quickly as possible, because you want to see the conclusion, move on to another title, or, I dunno, do other things in life? Well, I found myself saying, “Nah, this can’t be the last stage. I mean, it can't end with me as… Oh good, I was right… see, I get to…WTF?!!! (credits roll).”

Read the rest.

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