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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

chapter 4, part 2

Wrote 1, 741 words to finish Part 2 of the fourth chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel The Maharlika Legacy. Running total is 19, 982 out of 50, 000 words.

Here's an excerpt:

Father Constantino turned to him as they were watching the President announce on TV that the government had crushed earlier this morning an attempt by a terrorist group to lead an armed assault on Malacañang.

The terrorist group was responsible for destroying the Plaza Miranda monument and inciting misguided elements among the poor masses of Quiapo to take up arms against the government, she said in her televised speech.

"So, do you think she will finally have the guts to finally go through with it?" Father Constantino asked him."I’m sorry -- to go through with what, Father?""Why, what she has always wanted to become. A great and strong leader like your grandfather." He chuckled. "Not that she could ever really be one, but doesn’t she enjoy playing the role of Iron Butterfly?"

Read the rest.

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