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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

back to maharlika

Whew, finally started writing again for my NaNoWriMo novel The Maharlika Legacy after a day of inactivity, which brings to a total of three the days I haven't been able to churn out words. Argh, yes, I'm way behind schedule, but nobody said this was going to be easy.

Wrote 1, 675 words so far today, giving me a total of 8, 467 words out of 50, 000. Still, I'm pretty confident I can beat the deadline. I just to have to refuse to give in to all the negative thoughts. You know, that sarcastic voice inside your head saying, "Give up. You'll never make it. It's impossible." And the even more insidious, "Who wants to write a novel, anyway?" Yeah, you're familiar with those nagging doubts, so just tell them, "Shut up!"

Here's an excerpt:

"Please Father, the story of the Black Nazarene…"

"Sige, but one more interruption and you will no longer hear the tale. Now, where was… ah, yes, now this Father Raymundo was so devoted that each day, he would go in front of the life-sized statue of the Christ in his church, and every morning he would kiss the feet of our crucified Lord.

"Everyone in that little Mexican village loved Father Raymundo, for he was a good man and was wise and patient in listening to all the problems of the people in the pueblo. In fact, many of the villagers considered him a living saint, though he himself would only humbly say that he was doing everything for the Señor, and that he only wished he could do more for his fellowmen.

"Now Father Raymundo had a sister of exceeding beauty, whose looks were matched by a heart that was as generous and as pure as that of her brother, the man of God. Cecilia was her name, and it was on the lips of every man in the village, young and old, married and unmarried, who fell in love with her the first time she and Father Raymundo had arrived in the pueblo, and who every day dreamt of being loved by her in return, though the married ones, well, they wisely kept this wish buried in their hearts, away from the eyes and ears of their wives."

Thanks to fellow NaNoWriMo participants Dean and Tina for their heartwarming comments.

Dean's amazing -- he's already written over 13, 000 words of his Salamanca novel. I've only met Tina through her comment on my Quiapo chapter, but her novel Shooting Stars is shaping up quite nicely, too, so do check it out.

Read the rest of The Maharlika Legacy.

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