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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

tomasino high

Neil Tan (of 421-B, like me), one of my good friends from way back when I was still a young (and thin, dammit, hehehe -- well, at least a lot thinner than I am now) 11-year-old freshman at the University of Santo Tomas High School, is running a website and forum for members of USTHS Batch 87.

Neil and Tricia Parino (412-G) are doing a great job as moderators. Of course, sometimes it's hard to track down people and invite them, so if you're a member of USTHS Batch 87, go to the website and join the forum and Yahoo! e-group.

Now, if only someone could get me in touch with my English teacher, Ms Natalie Nebit...

And where in the world is John Ulysses Abu?

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