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Sunday, September 05, 2004

pre-school or pre-med?

My wife Ellen and I checked out some pre-schools today because we plan to enroll our daughter Sam next year. Actually, we already like one pre-school, Sacred Heart at Shangri-La Plaza, but man, junior nursery is 80K a year!

We already checked it out before and in fact left Sam for an hour there again today at their day care center. We really like the place and Sam loves it, but sheesh, that's more than what Ellen and I paid for our UP college tuition! In fact, we keep joking that maybe the tuition isn't for pre-school but for pre-med. Then again, wouldn't you want to be paid a lot if you had to take care of 10 or more energetic toddlers?

We also checked out two schools near our condo building -- one of them looks OK but it charges in dollars because they're supposed to be an affiliate of a Japanese school and will teach the tots Nihongo.

How do you say I'm broke in Japanese?

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