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Saturday, September 04, 2004

in the beginning

It's funny that after more than six years, here I am reviving The Babel Machine in another form.

Not that many people would remember its first incarnation as my little GeoCities (back when it was still GeoCities and not just one of the gazillion Yahoo! services) site that could, which funny enough won a Golden Cowrie award for April 1998 from The Best of Cyber Pinoys. Thanks Ken, I'm still grateful for that after all these years (and if you wanna know more about Manong Ken the Filipino Netizen, read the story I wrote almost two years ago).

Then The Babel Machine was reincarnated into an Internet and tech lifestyle webzine, an attempt to cover the world of information technology in a different way (and make it fun and less geeky, dammit, hehe) after a couple of years spent as an IT journalist, first as a staff writer for the (now defunct) first Philippine IT trade publication, then as one of the founders and editor in chief of an IT newspaper, and later as the editor of a print Internet lifestyle mag. While the webzine lasted only a few months, through it I was invited as a guest speaker to the first Synergy press junket, er, I mean, conference held by HP and Intel in beautiful Lagen Island of Palawan's El Nido Resorts. Yup, being a journalist has its perks.

I can't find a pic from that first Synergy, but below is a pic from the second one I covered.

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