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Thursday, September 23, 2004

chocolatey christmas

Was chatting just a few minutes ago via YM with Margaux Salcedo (hah, I'm name-dropping you, Margaux, hehe), a former news anchor of GMA News Live who's my New York correspondent for Global Nation.

Except she's not in New York right now but here in Manila, literally cooking up something new. Right now she's in...

(Hmm, wait while I fire off an IM to confirm where she is)

(Um, Margaux?)

... OK, Margaux's missing in action, hehe.

Anyway, she has a new business venture and you'll hear about it soon enough. As soon as I taste it.

More on this in the next few days.

Let's just say don't be surprised if you have Nana Meng's Original Filipino Hot Chocolate on your table come Noche Buena.

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