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Monday, September 27, 2004

cell phone killings

What the hell is wrong with this country? What kind of monsters kill people for the sake of cell phones? Who kill people, period.

Last week, we lost two more fine journalists due to senseless cell phone-related violence: Today newspaper assistant business editor Jose Luis Villanueva and Iloilo TV newscaster Chris Misajon, anchor of GMA Network's "Ratsada."

These atrocities are part of the alarmingly increasing number of crimes being committed for the sake of cell phones. Some of these crimes are committed in broad daylight, by snatchers or holduppers.

Some victims are "lucky" and only lose their cell phones. Others survive the ordeal but suffer minor or major injuries.

Others die.

It's getting to the point where many people are reluctant to use cell phones in public. We talk of the information technology revolution, we talk of making the Philippines an IT hub, yet we can't even walk the streets and use our cell phones and other gadgets without feeling apprehensive. And I'm not only talking about narrow alleys in some seedy parts of the city. I'm talking even places like the Philippine financial district of Makati City in broad daylight.

I never met Jose Luis and Chris in person, but I wish to extend my condolences to their families. And pray for their souls and that no more lives will be lost due to these senseless crimes.

To read more about Chris and the fond memories he has left behind, please visit Ian's blog.

For the latest stories on the investigation into these crimes, please read about the arrest of the suspects in Jose Luis' killing and view the GMA Flash report on the 5 people suspected of being involved in the death of Chris -- just click on the link under the GMA7 TV-Radio section of the homepage.

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