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Sunday, September 19, 2004

the blogging revolution

I've been getting lots of e-mail from bloggers just dropping a line to say they liked my blog and/or articles, and asking if they can also be featured as YOU Technogear's Blog Addict of the week. YOU is the youth site of

Thanks to all those who e-mailed. I'm doing my best to answer every message as soon as I can. And to those who've already answered the Blog Addict questions, please be patient because of course we have to schedule when you'll be featured -- and we already have quite a long queue, hehe :)

I've gotten some pretty interesting answers, including one blog addict's insightful comment that sometimes, it's like you're pressured to do something interesting or try out something new everyday so you can write about it. I mean, you wouldn't want people reading your blog to think you lead a pretty boring life, do you, hehe. We'll be featuring this blog addict soon in, well, Blog Addict.

If you're also interested in being featured in Blog Addict, read this story and find out what you have to do. And if you have time, read my "I blog, you blog, a-they blog" article.

So, help spread the word. Join the blogging revolution.

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